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How do you start a clothing business of resales

Aug 1

Are you considering opening an clothes shop? Clothes Mentor accepts gently used brand name clothing. Clothes Mentor stores can be established in your local area or you could think about franchising. Read on to learn more. You can take gently used brand name clothing and offer an opportunity to franchise and make profits.

Clothes Mentor is an online resale store for women.

Clothes Mentor is a women's store that resells gently used clothes. They will accept women's sizes from between 0-26 as well as accessories and bags. They will pay you cash immediately! Clothes Mentor is the perfect spot for you, no matter if you're seeking the most trendy outfits or bargains on the latest fashion trends.

Raleigh's resale store specializes in selling gently used clothes that's like new. Brand name, top-quality clothes can be bought at prices as low as 70 percent less than the prices you'd pay at the mall. There aren't any special sales to get the best bargains; you can find great bargains all day long. Clothes that Mentor wears are so good that you'll never even realize they're worn lightly!

Clothes Mentor offers great deals on women's clothing. The resale shop buys gently used designer clothes and accessories like handbags, shoes as well as jewelry and accessories. The resale shops of Clothes Mentor are specially trained to examine the condition of items that are used and then offer you a the right amount for your purchase. It's a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

It will take gently used, brand name clothing

There are a variety of options when you're seeking clothing, but aren't sure where to go. Donated clothes are usually accepted by thrift shops, and occasionally from local non-profit groups. Donated items can be cheaper than clothes purchased in shops depending on the are in good condition. Donated items are typically classified and priced by volunteers at thrift stores before being put on the ground. 2nd Avenue Stores is a excellent illustration of a thrift store which sells used clothes.

It's an opportunity to franchise

Clothes Mentor may be the best fit for you if you're looking to start an online thrift store. Clothes Mentor provides comprehensive training for new store owners as well as the post-opening and pre-opening classes. The training is based on hands-on experiences at the store, as well as one week prior to opening. An individual consultant is given to each franchisee, along with an operational manager for the region. Access to the 24 hours a day Extranet is also provided with the training and advertising manuals.

Clothes Mentor has 138 stores all over the United States as of this writing. This impressive number is because Clothes Mentor franchises stores in 28 states. The South has the highest number of locations. Franchisees are able to open multiple stores in the same area or city. Additionally, a lot of locations offer a greater gross margin than non-franchise consignment Stores.


Clothes Mentor has received many awards and has been listed in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 since 2009. The list assesses the stability and the growth rate of the franchisor. Clothes Mentor, Clothes Mentor's parent company, NTY Franchise Company, was also recognized for its achievements. This list highlights the Twin Cities' fastest-growing private businesses.