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How to Start a Clothing Resale business

Aug 2

Have you ever wondered what it would take to open an clothing resale shop? Clothes Mentor is a store for women's resales that accepts gently used, brand-name clothes. Clothes Mentor stores can be established in your local area or you may think about franchising. Continue reading to find out more. Apart from accepting agently used clothes, including brand name You can also offer to sell your goods for a profit by offering the opportunity of a franchise.

How to Start a Clothing Resale Business

Clothes Mentor is a resale shop for women.

Clothes Mentor is a women's retail store that purchases gently used clothing. They buy women's sizes ranging from 1-26 and accessories and bags. They will pay you cash immediately! Whether you are looking for an elegant outfit or a bargain on the latest trends in fashion and fashions, Clothes Mentor is the right place to go.

Raleigh's resale shop specializes selling gently used clothing that's brand new. There are top brand name clothing at up to 70% less than you would pay at a mall. There are no special sales to get the best deals; there are great deals throughout the every day. Clothes of Mentor are so great that you won't even know that they've been worn with care!

If you're in search of the best price on women's clothing, Clothes Mentor is the place for you. This resale store purchases gently used designer clothes and bags, shoes jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. The staff of Clothes Mentor's resale shops are trained to inspect gently used items and then pay you fairly for your purchase. This is a win-win for you and the environment.

It accepts gently used brand-name clothing that is gently worn

If you're in search of clothing but don't know where to turn, there are several options to consider. Donated items are often accepted by thrift stores as well as from local non-profit organizations. Donated items are often cheaper than clothing bought in stores depending on the are in good condition. People who volunteer at thrift stores generally sort and value donated items prior to placing them on the ground. One good example of a thrift store that sells gently used clothing is 2nd Avenue Stores.

It is an opportunity to franchise

Clothes Mentor may be the ideal choice for you if you're interested in starting a thrift shop. Clothes Mentor offers extensive training for store owners, which includes classes for opening and post-opening. Franchisees are provided with a week of training that is hands-on in the store prior to opening. Franchisees also get an individual consultant as well as a the regional manager of operations. Access to the 24 hours a day Extranet is also provided as well as the training and advertising manuals.

As of this writing at the time of writing, there were 138 Clothes Mentor stores in the United States. This is an incredible number and Clothes Mentor has franchised stores across 28 states, including an especially large number of locations in the South. Franchisees can open multiple stores within the same suburban or city, and a lot of stores have a higher gross margin than non-franchise consignment Stores.


Clothes Mentor has won many awards, and has been in the Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list since 2009. This list examines the growth and stability of an franchisor. Clothes Mentor, Clothes Mentor's parent, NTY Franchise Company, was also recognized for its success. This list highlights the Twin Cities' fastest-growing private firms.

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